Mets Police Morning Laziness: Let’s burn baseball to the ground!

SLACKISH REACTION:  This is great.  We have two major stories, and both of them are terrible!

First let’s start with the new wave of CHEAT GATE.   Look at that tweet I started with.  So, I guess Beltran played honestly until he left the Yankees (for Texas) and then realized he needed to educate himself about Advanced Cheating Techniques.  He forced those techniques on all the poor innocent Astros.  Then, after returning to the Bronx, he never said a word and didn’t try to help the Nothing But Honorable Yankees.

Oh, we need someone else to sing, and we need it now.  Let’s drag the Yankees into this and then see where all the chips fall!

Did MLB know before 2017?

Did MLB really ignore the complaints of TEN to TWELVE teams?  The Washington Post seems pretty reliable to me.  Meanwhile, Mr. Torre was worried about what caps the Mets wear in September.

Let’s all stay focused that Brodie Van Wagenen’s job is to evaluate people and that his stated reason for hiring Beltran was that he is trustworthy.   Just remember this as everything burns.

Meanwhile, I cannot explain what is going on with the Baseball Mafia Access Media.  Fans all seem to hate the new baseball playoffs idea – the one that was trotted out to get you to stop talking about Cheatgate – but the Access Media  loves it.  They even got to Bob Costas!

Your must read is Awful Announcing explaining why the new system is terrible.  The short version is, say the Mets were the 6 seed last year.  Do you think Jeff Wilpon is spending money to become the 2 seed, or is he happy to just be the 6 and roll the dice on the playoffs every year?

Oh, things are on such fire that we won’t even be able to spend time on how $1600 gets you one pair of sneakers and some Mets tickets.  Worth a read.

Baseball has no cover right now.   NFL is over.   NBA All Star won’t give enough shade.  Too soon to care about college.   It should be feeding season and I hope everyone gets fed to the sharks.  This game is so so broken, let’s tear it all down now.   Who knew, when did they know, and what did they know.   Everyone sing!


Also, I will warn you once again as you start going down that path.  You will find what you bring with you.  Statistical Outliers only come with pain.  One you start asking questions there will be answers.  You may not like what you find.