Mets Police Morning Laziness: on Earth-2, all is great with baseball and the Mets

SLACKISH REACTION:  While nobody is doing anything wrong, I keep laughing at the parallel universe the Mets’ social media lives in.  On Earth-2, as I call it, the Mets social media thinks people are like “oh look, there’s JDG walking in a parking lot, how nice!”   It’s all nonsense like this..

…and to that point, I wondered on twitter why the Mets would let their SPs futz around like that and @WillMusto pointed out that this exact player, The Big Zero, lost an entire season once after tearing his ACL in fielding drills!

But hey it’s all sunshine here at Mets Camp…so here’s Stro taking some grounders for no reason…click click click….Prevention and Recovery and The Mets Way.

But I do not fault Mets Social Media.  Their job is to promote the team so let’s accept it as the propaganda that is is.

One cannot expect them to write about the CHEATING SCANDAL AND COVERUP.   I know baseball is trying to make you miss out on that other teams had complained to the league – what did Manfred know and when did Manfred know it?

Nope, they are running Trump’s playbook and distracting you with wacky playoff ideas and yesterday HEY LOOK NEW RULES.

Stay strong everyone.  Don’t sit on hold for an hour to tell Joe and Evan you don’t like the rules.  When you waste your life on WFAN Hold and finally get through you should ask about what did Manfred know and when did Manfred know it?    We need to burn this down BEFORE the new playoffs get added, and CHEATGATE is the way

Have Mets ticket sales already collapsed?

David Wright will have a new book which you should buy.