SLACKISH REACTION:   Cheating and Coverup.  What did Manfred know, and when did he know it?

Lots of NOT LINKING today.  If you are new to Mets Police, the Morning Laziness was started as a sequel to Adam Rubin’s old Morning Briefing (which by the way, the unoriginal content farmers at the Amazing Apple Insiderized Mets Blog Report copied and couldn’t’ even come up with another title) – it was started after Adam stopped blogging.  My innovation is that most things are actually not worth a click once you read the headline.   Some examples from this morning’s “news” –

Wheeler never head from the Mets.  Ok, so lets react.  We’re mad at that.  And…..what else is there to know?  Some quotes from Zack about how he never heard from the Mets and how he never heard from the Mets?  I just saved you a click and a minute.

The Mets offered whatever for Mookie Betts.  Oh, I guess you could daydream about life without Jeff McNeil for a second – but the trade didn’t happen, and you guys all told me I was stupid when I wanted to do Matt Harvey for Betts strait up.  So I will hang out over here on Righteous Mountain and let you guys enjoy Matt Harvey’s 2020 season.

Marcus Stroman thinks he should be dominant.   That’s nice.  If you were to click that what could you possibly get from the thoughts of someone who thinks it is cool to wear 0 on a baseball jersey?

Dom Smith Left Field Blah Blah Blah.  Hey we all need a feel good story, and this one is ab…..oh I can’t.  Who cares.

MLB Network names JDG the 8th Best……again who cares.  The 8th best what?  Who cares.  The man won back to back Cy Youngs, so the article is already stupid.  Why click?

But STAY FOCUSED everyone – all that matters is the MASSIVE CHEATING SCANDAL AND COVER-UP.   DISCUSS THAT AND ONLY THAT.  Don’t worry that Dom Smith is shagging flies or that the pretend Mets got Betts and the newspaper missed out on a Meet The Betts headline.      


The Astros are sorry.

That they apologize for winning 2017 World Series rings? They still get to keep them.

That they feel awful for cashing those $439,000 individual 2017 playoff shares? They still get to spend it.

Did you want them to feel bad because they’re no longer champions? They still are, and will forever be, and that leads to the one guy who owes the biggest of apologies.

Rob Manfred, the weak-kneed baseball commissioner who is little more than a puppet for the owners who employ him, needs to apologize to the baseball world for not ordering that the Astros vacate the 2017 World Series championship. (VIA LA TIMES)

What did Manfred know, and when did he know it?