The Duck Knight Returns: Matt Harvey regresses in 3rd MLB The Show start

Well bad news MH fans.  In past versions of The Show “simulate to date” would simulate to right before that date.   So like if you clicked on May 1st, it would sim to the end of April.  This game…looks like it sims through the date.  So as Matt Harvey faced the Angels, he was on his own without The Hand Of God helping him.

The bad part is that I couldn’t do screen grabs.

Well, how did Matt do?  Looks like he regressed.

Also fortunately, he is a video game so it doesn’t really matter if I reuse this old screen grab.

Matt took a ND, pitching 4.2.  2 runs, 3 hits.  Maybe the manager Bob Melvin saw something he didn’t like.   The Ducks did win the game and are now 8-4 and have 1.5 game lead.

Rather than totally waste your time, let’s take a look around the lead.   Yesterday, Seaver was a little off.   7 innings, 3 runs.  ERA a little high at 3.52.  He took the ND in the Ducks win.

You may be wondering how the Mets are doing.

So far the season is a disaster.  The Mets are 2-8 and 5 out already and it’s only April 8th!

Virtually Vulgar Pete Alonso has ZERO Home Runs as his drought continues from the Spring (where in real life he hit zero) to the virtual season.  Uh oh.

And The Big Zero is also having a zero of a season.  Virtual Me must be ecstatic on his blog.

I guess we should check in one on other player…

Hmm this is interesting.  I think I like pretend baseball way more than real baseball.