The Duck Knight Returns: Ducks nearly no-hit but….Matt Harvey gets it done!

Video game baseball continues to be way more fun than Major League Baseball.

First we had a big game between the Yankees and Ducks, both off to great starts, with The Franchise on the mound for our Ducks.

Tom Teriffic (TM) of course got it done as the Ducks continued to cruise.  Next up, The Dark Knight would return for a tough matchup vs Boston.

TDK looked kind of fidgety before the game which had me worried.   The game really impresses me how it captured the ticks of individual players.  This really does feel like post-Mets Matt Harvey to me.

But TDK was super sharp as the game progressed…

And that’s exactly the kind of look Matt would give when walking off the mound…’s real life…

But there was a problem for virtual Matt…the Ducks couldn’t get a hit.  Even though he was mowing guys down….look at the H column.

That’s not good.

I feared the meltdown, but hey I have BLOG FILLER to write, so I left him out there…and he delivered, as did the Ducks.  Manager Bob Melvin got Matt out after 8, but the Ducks broke up the no-no with two outs in the 9th, and then got the walk-off.  Woohoo!

Look who was player of the game!

Congrats to Matt, who was likely off for a night out on the town in Los Santos.

Enjoy yourself Virtual Matt.  We’re off tomorrow so feel free to burrito it up.

The Ducks are 12-5 with a 3.5 game lead over those cheating Astros.

Tomorrow, we’ll check in with the 2020 Mets to see how they are doing.


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