Virtually Vulgar Pete Alonso finally homers on April 13 for struggling video game 2020 Mets

It’s April 13th in Franchise mode.  I know the below is hard to see, but the Marlins are 7.5 games up on the last place Mets.  That’s a complete disaster.   Virtual comedians are already announcing summer tours, and on my blog I am talking about math.

Well, Virtually Vulgar Pete Alonso FINALLY homered, brining his Real Life Spring plus Virtual Season total to one.  Pete, you’re on pace for like 8 home runs bro.

But Rojas is sticking with The Plan.  I have to guess that Dom overslept again, as Dom can’t even get in a game lol.

McNeil is off to a great start!

Wags’ nightmare continues here…

Nice to see this guy back…

The Big Zero has been terrible.

JDG’s ok. He will be fine.

My #1 virtual follower also fine

And my favorite Met is doing great!

And it looks like Matz beat out Wacha for the 5 spot.  Interestingly, Wahca doesn’t seem to be on the roster.  I haven’t figured out how to look for him and I don’t feel like scrolling 28 rosters.  I can tell you he’s not on The Ducks.

This game continues to be awesome, although I had to mute the soundtrack.  I actually really like the songs, but when you play for like 7 hours a day, the same 13 songs over and over and over are like listening to Gelbs do a mid-game report, I just can’t take it.

I’m fine with baseball never ever coming back.  This is way more fun.



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