Tales of The Duck Knight: Matt Harvey keeps on rolling

Fast forward to April 23rd…and man how good is Seaver?  4-0 and not even May 1st.  The de-aging serum has worked wonders, and he is pitching like he did in his 20s.

But you know what follows Seaver Starts right?  It’s Harvey Day!

We’re in Houston, and Matt lets those guys know that they better not cheat!

That’s right you cheaters!  Matt lets one loose high and tight to enforce all things righteous! Knock those cheating Astros on their behinds.  Good job Matt!

Let’s check in with Steve Gelbs.  Steve?

Guys before the game, Bob Melvin told me that Harvey has been so sharp as of late that it reminds him of someone playing a video game on easy mode.  Matt has been throwing with ease and mowing guys down and the game is just fun for him.  Whether it will continue to be fun as the season moves along remains to be seen.  Gare?

Gare?  Who is Gare.  Ain’t no Gare here in this recap.

But yes, Matt did cruise like he was playing a video game with the settings on easy.  Another 8+ with double-digit strikeouts.  The only question was if he’d finally get that elusive complete game.   A leadoff hit to start the 9th and…..

That will be it for The Dark Knight.

Then the bullpen blew the lead!   The Ducks won in ten, but MH is still stuck on one win.

Hopefully with all their success the Stupid Cheap Ducks will be able to afford some jerseys with a logo or their name or something on them.  I like the NNOB but I don’t even know if there is a term for NTNOF (No team name on the front.)  Someone call Lukas.

Meanwhile, the dumpster fire in Queens continues.  The Mets have only 6 wins and what is going on with Virtually Vulgar Pete Alonso?   A month in and one home run after hitting zero this spring?    F is for FAIL.


And even in a video game the swoosh looks terrible.

More Tales of the Duck Knight tomorrow…same Bat Time, same Bat Blog.

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