Mets Police Morning Laziness: I do not miss Sports at all and I’m not trolling

SLACKISH REACTION:  I am learning from twitter that Sports has been wayyyyy more important to some folks than it is to me.  Like, I enjoy a nice Mets game and all, but yesterday I went for a long run, read a book in my yard, played some video games, watched a James Bond movie, then some Netflix.  Pretty much a dream Saturday.   Had there been Sports maybe I don’t want the Bond movie.   But I’m totally fine without it.

I think I said about 50,000 times last summer that I would be into baseball canceling a season –  I wasn’t thinking Worldwide Pandemic – I was thinking more labor stoppage fight between billionaires and millionaires.   So THIS isn’t what I wanted, but the effect of their not being baseball?  I’m fine.

I was actually afraid to hit the bagel store this morning, and didn’t.  There’s usually quite a line and I didn’t want to mess with it at all.  I did make a coffee run, but that’s app ordering and in and out and I stay 10 feet from everyone.  That said, maybe we’ll all look back and realize we (me) were fools for even doing that.

Yesterday I was driving around the neighborhood around 5pm (and maybe I am a big part of the problem) and there were tons of people out.  Like more people walking the neighborhood than I’ve ever seen.  Mrs. Mets Police theorized that normally all these people, including us, are running from soccer practice to music lessons to whatever other family/kids activities – and now nobody has that so we all go for walks.    Similarly, I now seem to have a Video Games window from 6-8pm that I never had.  Same thing – I’m usually driving kids.

There’s no Mets news.  There are various blogs trying their best at filler with the best x whatevers of all time, or the bigger corporate ones seem to think we want to read articles about how the break will help Betances…..I mean yeah sure, and I hope the guy is OK, but baseball is so so so so far from coming back that you might as well write about what life will be in the Mars Colony.

This thing is just starting.  I think some people feel like we’re halfway through the three weeks and then 45,000 of you will be at Citi Field.   We will be all lucky if we get any season at all this year.

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