Tales of the Duck Knight: MLB The Show perfectly captures a Matt Harvey Meltdown!

There is just something about MLB The Show 20 that I just super realistic as you will see in a second.

To catch you up, the Ducks has lost 4 in a row.  Even Seaver had a bad outing, giving up 5 runs in an ND the day before.  So it was off to New Texas Stadium for a weekday matinee…

The Ducks put up a SEVEN in the top of the first.  So all The Dark Knight needs to do is lean back and throw, right?

Oh no!

It’s a two run BOMB

Yikes!  Will Matt get rattled the way he would in real life after a bomb?  YES!!!

Two more runners right away, and the inning would be a 4-spot for the Rangers, with the third out coming at a play at the plate.  Come on Matt!

TDK settled in and went 6.  The bullpen gave up a slam in the bottom of the 9th but the Ducks won in extras to snap the losing streak and go 21-11 with a nice healthy 6 game lead as April nearly ends.

But let’s look at New Texas Stadium a little closer….

Empty seats?  How much is Texas charging in this video game?

Look below…MORE empty seats!

And how annoying is the ribbon as seen above and below.  It seems to be below an elevated field level.  That’s gonna be awful on TV.

Anyway, Ducks win, and here’s another look at the park.

LOTS of empty seats.  The Rangers are 14-16 in a brand new stadium.  I guess even the video game agrees with me that it is insane to play a weekday day game.

AROUND THE LEAGUE:    The Mets are SIX AND TWENTY FOUR at the end of April.  Holy crap.  Rojas and Wags are handing in .200 baseball.  I remind you that the game is swimming the Mets, I am only playing as the rebranded A’s turned Ducks, and I am in the AL West so I have had zero influence on the Mets sim.

The Mets are already 13.5 out of the wild card, and it’s still April!

ALL STAR VOTING:  Looking at first base, Goldschmidt leads the NL first basemen in votes.  Virtually Vulgar Pete Alonso is not in the Top 10.  In the game he even has fewer votes than Dom Smith somehow.  OK that might be unrealistic.  Pete is .270 with 1 HR on April 30th.  No Mets look like they will be elected as a starter.

As for your beloved Ducks….Seaver looks like a lock at 4-0 2.95, and TDK has a shot as well.

More tomorrow, same Bat Time, same Bat Blog.

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