Mets Police Morning Laziness: Matt Harvey misses his buds

Let’s check in on Matt Harvey who usually shows good judgement.  Here’s his latest Insta post:


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Missing the buds. Hope everyone is staying safe during this tough time!

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Fortunately Matt did not lose his mind and hit a party, but instead writes: Missing the buds. Hope everyone is staying safe during this tough time!

But yes, for a minute there I thought TDK had lost his mind and  decided it was a good time to party.

SNY has this video of TDK. They are sourcing Matt’s Instagram as where they got it from, but it doesn’t seem to be on MH’s Insta this morning.  The tweet doesn’t want to load in my browser so I can’t embed it but it looks like this.



SLACKISH REACTION:  I knew Uni Watch must have linked because all of a sudden this post about a Mets prototype jersey  got a lot of traffic yesterday.  Thanks UW!

Following my fear of going to the bagel store yesterday, I have decided to try to suspend my morning run to Donuts Chain,  I don’t want to get my family sick because I am addicted to Large Iced Coffee.  I bought some K-Cups which won’t be as good, but these are trying times.

Anyone else psyched for the London Series which is still on according to MLB?

Since we’re bored, let’s take a look at last year’s London Series which I did attend.  It was fun.  If the world ever re-opens you should go.

I took the last few years of the philosophy that life is meant be lived and I did some crazy things like going to London for a baseball game, or hitting Paris for a long weekend…and I am glad I did these things.  You see how quickly things can change.  Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Don’t be completely irresponsible, but don’t wait for tomorrow.

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