Tales of the Duck Knight: Matt Harvey seems a little off in Ducks loss

Seaver took another ND, 3 runs, 7 hits in 7 innings…..as the Ducks (24-12) defeated the Rays (also 24-12).

It was on to May 4th….where virtual me was sick of Star Wars #Maythe4th stuff and blocked the hashtag, and Matt was looking for a quick game because tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, one of his favorite holidays.  Matt was in a good mood having seen his player rating move from 68 to 70.

The Ducks were hosting Seattle at New Crosley Field, and The Dark Knight looked like maybe he hadn’t slept so well.

Well probably nothing to worry about…..Matt was cruising and then all of a sudden strung together several hits and before you knew it Bob Melvin was out to hook him.

Not much to tell you here.  I’m sure everything will be OK.

5.2 innings, 4 runs, 7Ks.  A typical Reds-era MH start,  The Ducks fall to 24-13 and have a 6 game lead over those cheating Astros.

At least tomorrow is Virtual Cinco de Mayo.  Have a good time Matt.

AROUND THE LEAGUE:  The Marlins continue to be the surprise team at 25-10.  They have a 19 game lead over the 6 and 29 Mets on May 4th.  The Mets (who are CPU’d) ae playing an incredible .171 ball and are on pace for 27 wins.  Can you imagine what it’s like out there in Virtual Metstropolis?  YIKES!

There will be major Pete Alonso news tomorrow.   Same Bat Time, Same Bat Blog!