Thought Exercise: here are four tickets to Mets Opening Day, do you even want them?

Here’s a thought exercise.

It’s the hopefully not too distant future.  America and the World are open and baseball is back.

I have four Opening Day tickets and I can’t use them.  You can have them.

Do you even want them?

Are we going to go back to packed subways and stadiums and not thinking twice about any of it?  Or will you now think twice about it.

I guess the subway issue will come first, as many of us use public transportation to and from work.  And maybe with that will come a few weeks of getting back to normal and you stop thinking about it (although to this day if I am in the World Trade Center Path station I can only think of one thing, and I think of it every single time.)

My guess is the most people, tired of being isolated at home, would jump at my offer to use the tickets.  I know for me, I already plan to let things settle back in before I go to a normal commute.  Maybe I will do what I did before the shutdown, and just drive into Manhattan and pay for the toll and parking.  Yes $40+ a day adds up, but it’s better than the Coronavirus….not that my coworkers or the people at the lunch place might not be carriers.

And maybe Opening Day has that Opening Day-ness that makes you take the increased chance.  What about Game 3?  Do you want my four tickets to Game  3?  Or Game 37?  Or a meaningless Knicks game?   Or MLS?  Or a movie you don’t really care about?  Do you want to fly with a group of 500 to invade another city to show support for the Mets?

I expect many of you will tell me “Heck yeah give me the tickets!”

A lot to think about.  But right now, if you offer me 4 Opening Day tickets?   No thanks.