Mets Police Morning Laziness: hoping Syndergaard is OK…but hoping all of you are OK

SLACKISH REACTION:  I think what’s really interesting is how much of a less-big story the Syndergaard news is than it would normally be.

Normally, on the eve of the season, this would be stunning and devastating to fans.  We’d talk about it for days and days and days and oh no what are we going to do?

Given the outbreak, it’s more like “wow, I hope the guy is OK” and many of us moved on pretty quickly.  I mentioned earlier in the week that I haven’t been missing sports at all, whereas I see some people are actually watching reruns of games.  I guess the rerun crowd are the same people that still listen to sports radio three decades after that stopped being interesting – and those people will walk around all day wondering, “What are we gonna do?”

Well here’s what you’re gonna do.  Some day there will be a very very short baseball season and you’re gonna try your luck with JDG, The Big Zero, Porcello, Wacha and Matz.    27 and 15 might win a division this year.   22 and 20 might win a division.    It’s just baseball….and right now, who cares?

I like Syndergaard (my #1 follower) and I hope the man is OK.  I do think about how this probably will cost him a LOT of money as 2021 is his year before Free Agency.

As fans, this means we probably have what – 10? 12? – not that many starts left in which Noah is wearing a Mets uniform, and that’s sad.

But that’s 2021 sad.  Right now, the Mets are missing a starting pitcher should be way way way down everyone’s list of priorities, and from a baseball standpoint doesn’t matter at all as there is no baseball.

The story will give the beat something to do.  What will the Mets do? How will Brodie handle this?  What does it all mean?

In the scheme of things, it all means nothing.  Baseball is a TV show you watch at night.  It’s not on right now.  Watch something else, and keep your family safe and isolated.


Thor,  I wish you a quick recovery.


The Mets did not choose to send me a statement.  I have been getting fewer statements than I did the last ten years.  I guess I too will become more choosy with statements – so when baseball finds itself with empty stadiums for the next season and a half, you guys can take your time emailing me the latest ticket deals.  Send them all or send none, either is OK with me.

A thought exercise for you: do you even want to attend a game with 45,000 other people?  What if I offered you Opening Day tickets?  Would you go?

If you’re following along with my MLB The Show’s season of Seaver and Harvey on the Ducks….the Virtual Mets are a complete disaster and Pete Alonso is on the virtual IL.

Boy everyone is talking about Matt Harvey again.   I am a trend setter.