Tales of the Duck Knight: Matt Harvey not happy video game umps are squeezing him

Coming off a rare loss by Tom Seaver, the Ducks looked to rebound on Mother’s Day behind our old pal The Dark Knight.

The pink bats were out, but fortunately no gimmick caps or jerseys (these stupid cheap Ducks still haven’t figured out how to add something to the front of their shirts!).

Matt was getting squeezed by the umpires and let the ump know (this game is so so so good!)

But despite TDK getting saucy, he did not melt down and got out of it…skipping over the baseline in glee on his way back to the dugout.

Matt did give up one of his trademark monster home runs, but that was it.  Melvin got him after 7.  2  hits, one run, 8Ks.

AROUND THE LEAGUE:  The simulation Mets are 8 and 32 (!!!!!!) and 18.5 games out on May 10th!!!  This is the simulation, not me playing as the Mets.  My Ducks are in the AL West.