Mets Police Morning Laziness: Nopening Day

Opening Day.

What a shame to waste a nice sunny day and what could have been a nice day at the ballpark.

From 1983-2016 I think I missed two Opening Days, both because of work.   Plenty of great memories from Seaver walking in down the line, to Carter’s Home Run, to several of Albert’s tailgates.

By the time 2019 came along, my son had totally lost interest in baseball and that left me with nobody to go to the game with – so I just didn’t.  And it was fine.  I wound up going to Zero games all season. Zero.

For 2020, I had zero interest in attending Opening Day and still have no plans to attend any games.

Along the way the combination of ticket prices, the slowness of the game, and even the four years of WOR’s WAHWAH sound ruining the radio experience, some dumb kid adding an F to LGM – it all adds up after a while, and I’m fine being less attached to the Mets.

I feel no pain today.  I’m fine with no Opening Day.  I have plenty of other things to do.   I feel bad for you guys who miss out on a nice sunny day at the park, but here at MPHQ life without baseball is just fine, which I have been warning the Mets about for years.  We’ll see what the ballparks look like after that initial burst of WE CAN GO OUTSIDE ends…two weeks into baseball being back, let’s see how full the parks are.

From the Post

“The indication for surgery is if there were a delay in surgery there would be harm to the patient and permanent damage,” said Dr. Eric Freeman, a Long Island-based orthopedic surgeon who has not examined Syndergaard. “In a case like Noah, if there was evidence of weakness in the hand and compromise of the ulna nerve there would be an indication. It typically is unusual to have permanent damage.”

The Post adds..


A New York-based orthopedist who asked not to be identified was skeptical that Syndergaard is facing necessary surgery and indicated the medical resources should be preserved.

Do you believe the Mets or the New York doctor.    I’ll let you form your own opinion.


SLACKISH REACTION:  You will see a bunch of articles about Manfred.  I like the ones that are realizing 162 games isn’t happening. you think?   Basically I can summarize all the articles as “we are considering all the options.”   The sillier ones still act like May 1 could happen.  Read the news everyone.

I continue to be a fan of Curtis Granderson, cool person.

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