Tales of the Duck Knight: seems like old times for Matt Harvey in return to Anaheim

The Ducks, losers of 7 of their last 8 – Matt Harvey’s last start being their only win, with Seaver in a slump all of a sudden – headed off to Anaheim.  It was a homecoming of sorts for The Dark Knight who made $11 million from Anaheim in 2019 somehow.  Good job Boras!

Someone should  let Cyber Uni Watch know about this train wreck red vs. orange matchup.

But it was like old times for Matt back in Anaheim….no I mean really like old times….OH NO

Matt gave up a moonshot to Trout in the 1st.  That’s understandable as even I have heard of Mike Trout.  I couldn’t recognize him in a photo but I knew who they were talking about when they said “now batting, Mike Trout.”  Apparently Pujols is still playing?   Is that true in real life?  I think even Wags laughs at that contract.

Then in the 4th….OH NO….

Look at Matt’s face.  He’s having flashbacks…

And I keep telling you how real this game feels…this felt like a vintage 2019 Matt Harvey start.  Back to back jacks one the 4th.  Melvin let him eat some innings but it was 5.2 6 hits and 4 runs for TDK.    The bats saved him from a loss as the Ducks did scramble for a late victory.


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