Tales of the Duck Knight: let’s check in on the Dumpster Fire Mets

As I play MLB The Show as the 2020 Long Island Ducks of the AL West, the game is playing the rest of the league including the Mets, who are a complete dumpster fire 20+ games out in June.   Let’s see how some familiar faces are doing.

Well even if in video games, the Cano deal was a horrible mistake.  It’s mid-June and ZERO home runs.

Virtually Vulgar Pete….7 HRS in mid-June?   (He was on the IL for a bit in my sim)

Sugar Diaz with the 10+ ERA!

Even JDG is having a sub-par year.

The Big Zero with 9 losses and a 5+ ERA

Noah looks like something is wrong.  Maybe he is pitching through pain or something.