Coronavirus Filler: The 1971 Mets Yearbook

Interesting block print they used.

The photo is kind of cool but doesn’t feel like a Yearbook cover to me.

My archival search for 1971 turned up these…

Here we see the Mets going out of their way to promote Obstructed Views back in 1971!

I was thinking maybe the “Mets Country” thing had something to do with WHN (a country radio station that broadcast Mets games before WFAN came along) but it seems in 1971 the Mets were on WJRZ and WNBC-FM!!!   Wait – they didn’t have a NYC AM station in 1971?  They had won the World Series in 1969!  How is this possible???

The WJRZ of 1971 was what is now 970 The Answer….and that signal is terrible in New York City.   WNBC-FM at 97.1 would have had a decent signal, but not everyone had FM radios back then – your uncle would have a cool “stereo” but your transistor radio probably didn’t have FM, and FM in cars was still rare into the early 80s.

That must have sucked!

And here’s some more weird Mets fonts…and a 39 cent price to annoy vendors.