Tales of the Duck Knight: the disaster that was the 2020 Mets

As I played my Long Island Ducks season, I had almost zero influence over the 2020 Mets.  My Ducks are in the AL West.  The Ducks and Mets did meet for three games, but those were simmed.  The only influence I would have had on the Mets was the roster I put together for the Ducks.  Other than that, this is how the CPU saw things.

JDG did NOT win his third straight CYA.

A disappointing season for Rosario.  Is he a BUST?

A regression year for Conforto?

You’d be thrilled to get this out of Cespedes, no?

Vulgar Pete hit 21 Home Runs.  I am sure that went over well.  The F is for Fail.

Unfortunately for my narrative. The Alarm did no better.

Thor didn’t look right all year as if he was pitching through pain.

Wait…10-9 didn’t win the CYA?

There are five aces!

The Big Zero

And even my favorite Met disappointed.

And that Cani-Diaz trade isn’t getting any better.  One save lol.

Thats your 2020 Mets.  Aren’t you glad they didn’t play the season?  Given how bad the Virtual Mets were in April it’s amazing they didn’t lose 100 games.