Baseball Hall of Immortals – Inductee #31: Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle could do it all.  He could hit for power (536 lifetime HRs).  He could hit for average (10 seasons of .300+ batting average, including 2 over .350). He had speed (6 times he had 10+ SBs). And he could play defense, patrolling the deep centerfield at the original Yankee Stadium better than anyone.

How good was the Mick?  He won the MVP 3 times, and finished in the top 5 in voting 6 other times.

What is astounding is that in his first 6 full seasons, when he won 2 MVPs, he wasn’t even the best CF in New York (hello Willie Mays).  But he was the best in the American League by far.

There is no doubt that Mickey Mantle is an Immortal.


For some background on what this is, check out the introduction post here.