Baseball Hall of Immortals – Inductee #32: Alex Rodriguez


Back around 2000 there was a cover story (I think for Sports Illustrated) asking who was the best of the young shortstops – Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Jeter, or Alex Rodriguez. Nomar went on to marry Mia Hamm, Jeter won some World Series rings, and ARod, well, he became one of, if not the, greatest shortstop to play the game.

ARod had power (696 HRs), speed (329 SBs) and he could hit for average (winning the batting title in 1996). In the field, while he wasn’t Ozzie, he would win 2 Gold Gloves before he moved to third base.

Along the way he won 3 MVPs and finished 2nd two other times.

Yes, he did use PEDs, that is a documented fact. As has been discussed before though, PED usage is not a factor when determining HOI eligibility.

Regardless of what he did off the field, for his playing career Alex Rodriguez is definitely an Immortal.


For some background on what this is, check out the introduction post here.