Baseball Hall of Immortals – Inductee #35: Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson was amazing – and he’d be the first person to tell you that too.

Yes the man has an ego, but he could play the game.  The all-time leader in stolen bases with over 1,400, he is almost 500 ahead of the next player (Lou Brock).  Think about that – that’s 50% more than the guy in second place!  Of all the major stats, nobody has that kind of a lead.  That’s how dominating he was on the basepaths.

Rickey is also first all-time in runs scored, arguably the most important stat there is (scoring runs is the point of the game).

Rickey hung around for a long time – maybe a little too long – but he was always fun to watch.

He may not have been the greatest player of all time, but Rickey Henderson definitely is an Immortal


For some background on what this is, check out the introduction post here.