Coronavirus Filler: the 1991 Mets Yearbook

Uh oh….maybe the Yearbooks tell us what the Mets think in their hearts?  Why would they go with fireworks?

And why are we down on Gooden?  He’s 26 and won 19 games last year?  Shouldn’t we be hyping this guy, or is he never going to get past oversleeping for the 1986 parade?  Do the Mets know something about that?  Are they trying to warn us of something?  Shouldn’t we be more excited about this Frank Viola guy?

1991 would murder Buddy’s legacy in Queens.  77 wins buried The Dynasty in the backyard.

Hubie Brooks is back for some reason and playing RF.

Gregg Jefferies is starting a tradition of guys who play 2B to help the team because someone else is playing third and fans getting mad at the guy for not being good at it.

Hojo, whose numbers look really great 30 years later, hits 38 HRs with 117 RBI.

Gooden is mortal, winning only 13 games.  But he’s 26 with 132 wins, he will cruise to Cooperstown.

Things are about to get darker in Queens.