Howie Rose says Joe Torre not to blame for Mets not wearing first responder caps

Interesting tweet from Howie today.

Very very interesting.

‘Now out of me and Howie, you should always go with Howie, and there’s no doubt that Howie’s sources inside the game are wayyyyy better than mine, not even a discussion topic here.

However, the version of the story I heard from REALLY REALLY GOOD SOURCE, LIKE REALLY REALLY GOOD SOURCE THAT WOULD KNOW was that Saint Joe had quite seriously warned the Mets they had better not run the stop sign.

Maybe both versions are accurate and telling shades of the same story and Joe was just following orders…..but whose orders?


September 11, 2021 will be the 20th anniversary and is scheduled to be on September 11th that year.  Baseball now has 15 months notice to figure this out.

Thanks to @mediagoon for putting this on my radar and thanks to Howie for his statement.