Tales of The Duck Knight: Ducks down 3-1, Harvey starts Game 5

These Dodgers are serious.  They took a 3-0 lea din the series.  Seaver won Game 4 to keep hopes alive, and now it’s all about The Dark Knight.

Matt loaded the bases in the 1st…not good…but got out of it.

But then this happened in the 2nd….there was this little play to 2B Jeff McNeil, picked up in a mid-season trade by the AI GM.

Which was followed by this!

OH NO!!!!!

Is that it?  Did I do all these posts for it to end with Matt just getting hurt during the World Series?

The Ducks managed to win this one, so we will have a Game 6 with Tom Seaver on short rest.

Our story is not yet over.  Come back tomorrow, same Bat Time, same Bat Blog.