Mets ticket refund policy update

The Mets did not choose to send me any information on the updated ticket refund policy, so I shall excerpt from the New York Post who write:

Mets patrons should also look down to “Additional Information,” where they will see a link to submit for a May refund. The Mets reiterated their warning from late April, “All ticket refunds will result in the forfeiture of bonus credit and priority ticket access.” It’s possible that people who are economically hurting, with New York state’s unemployment level at its highest since the Great Depression, might not let the loss of priority ticket access deter them from wanting their money back.

Gotta love that threat that you will lose your priority ticket access.   You mean I won’t get to stand in a crowded (?) stadium during a pandemic.  Threaten us some more.

Look Mets fans – (a) there’s no reason to go to a baseball game.  Take the money and buy yourself a super-awesome TV, maybe some surround speakers and if you have extra money get yourself a new couch or comfy chair.

Should the day come when the Mets are one of the 14 teams in the ridiculous playoffs and you really want to go, I am confident that the Mets will be offering the “please come back in 2021, if you give us money now for 2021 tickets we will send you a ticket strip” plan that we see every time that the team makes the playoffs.  Don’t be afraid of not getting in – and if you don’t get in, you just avoided your increase of standing next to someone who is non-symptomatic positive.  You don’t need tickets.

You are in the position to threaten fans with…nothing.  We on the other hand are in the position to purchase….nothing.

We laugh at your threats.