Baseball’s back – but am I? And why I may quit the Mets

Good morning.

Baseball looks like it’s coming back, and you can read the 8 billion other sites that are doing that post this morning.  Here’s a solid FAQ.

My initial reaction was more on the Meh to Boo side of things than Yay.  I know a lot of you think I am doing a bit when I am being honest, but I am being honest.  I have enjoyed the new-new of no baseball and the freedom that came with it.  I just feel like I have wayyyyyy more time that I used to waste on SNY.

When baseball comes back, I am not sure how much I will come back.  Oh I am not boycotting or making a stand, but now that I have broken the habit, maybe I won’t let it come back.  Maybe instead of stopping down at 7pm I’ll just do whatever I feel like at 7pm, and that may or may not be watching baseball. Maybe instead of starting at twitter on Sunday afternoon (I already gave up trying to listen to the radio thanks to the malfeasance of the WOR WahWah Era combined with the LOUD commercials on the loo) – maybe instead of bothering with a Sunday game I will add it to my rotation of taking Saturday night off.   We’ll see.  Right now I am neither looking forward to baseball or against.

The other thing that has me more distressed are the ownership rumors.  There is a piece of the rumor that although I can’t imagine will happen, but if it did, I am not going to support the team and will switch to being a fan of The Formerly New York Giants – which in practicality will mean Someone That Used To Watch Baseball.

Springsteen once wrote:  “Who we are, what we’ll do and what we won’t.”

If the Brand is going to become something that makes me miss the gold old days when Pete Alonso would vulgarize LGM, then I’m out.  You guys can have at it.