The 60 game season is on. Yay?

Before we begin, nationwide cases of COVID-19 are up FORTY percent over the last 14 days, per the New York Times.

Anyway, baseball would like you to know that…

I’ll let the 75 writers at the AAIMBR regurgitate this but basically its 60 games, play the NL East and AL East, there is a DH and once you hit extra innings the inning starts with a runner on second for some reason.

My initial reaction so far is nothing.  I’m definitely not excited, but I’m not mad.  It’s as if you told me American Idol got renewed.  It just is.

I’m sure I will watch the Opener.  Maybe I will renew my enjoyment of watching out on the deck.  Right now I am not feeling the sport at all, and Pete Alonso who should be a lovable player just makes me mad every time he adds vulgarity to LGM (he did it again last night) – so the sport can kind of, well, use that letter Pete likes right now.