Vulgar Pete Alonso has likely already had his highest HR total #LGM

Now that baseball is back, and obviously Vular Pete won’t hit 50 HRs in 60 games this year through no fault of his own (and he did hit zero during Spring Training Part 1), I want everyone to start understanding that Vulgar Pete very likely statistically will never hit 50 again.  Then again, beware statistical outliers. #BSO

This a list of MLB players who have hit more than 50 twice in their career.  Actually I will make two lists.  I will call the lists List A and List B.

List A includes Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Alex Rodriguez,  It’s a list you probably don’t want to be on.

List B includes Willie Mays, Ralph Kiner,  Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, and  Ken Griffey Jr.  Junior being the only player to do it within anything resembling recent memory.

150 years of baseball, 8 guys have done it.

So…is Pete going to be the 6th player to join list B?   Statistically unlikely.  But then again it was statistically unlikely that he would hit 50+ in his rookie year.

I will be watching his career with great interest.