Baseball Hall of Immortals – Inductee #55: Dennis Eckersley

The only man to have 100 complete games and 100 saves is the 55th inductee into the Hall of Immortals.

Dennis Eckersley had two careers during his time in major league baseball.  From 1975 through 1986 Eck was a successful starting pitcher, accumulating 151 wins and over 1,600 strikeouts in almost 2,500 inninigs.

Moving to the Athletics in 1987 he began his second carteer as one of the most dominant closers the game has ever seen.  From 1997 through 1988, Eck would rack up 387 saves, winning both the Cy Young and MVP in 1992 when he led the league with 51 saves.

Eckerseley retired with 197 wins and 390 saves.

The man who had two lives and redefined the closer role, Dennis Eckersley is an Immortal.


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