This would make a nice basis for a Mets alternate jersey

As you know, I think the Mets’ set should never be changed, but am always down for what I call Anything Goes Sunday (or Friday or whatever you want) in which they could and should do all kinds of things.

I saw this tweet today and three comments….

  1.  Wear a mask.
  2. Dom is not only the best 1B in NYC (you will eventually come to see this is true) he is the smartest.  One could imagine some other overgrown frat boy dropping in an F and then goggling to Beavis and Butthead.  (pssst @mediagoon get some photoshop cranking on that bit…)
  3. I like how the blue on orange looks, and this would be a good basis for an alternate Mets jersey.  It looks good with the bluebrid cap.  Might be a fun Saturday jersey.  Feels kinda Saturday to me.