A Super-casual History of the Mets Part 4: 1992-1997

Welcome back to A Super-casual History of the Mets.  This series is a very top level history of the Mets, from memory, to pass along to Generation Z and whatever follows.  For a more detailed history of the Mets I refer you to Faith and Fear In Flushing.

For 1992 the Mets decide to rip things up and start over.  They bring in Players You Have Heard Of including Bonilla.  They are Going For It!  They win 72 games.

In 1993 they try basically the same combo but this time with new uniforms!   The Uniform Gods punish the Mets for their sins.  59 wins.

In 1994 the season just ends with a labor stoppage or strike or lockout of whatever it was.   Erased from memory.  Nobody will ever ask you about the 1994 Mets so don’t worry about it.

In 1995 uniform sanity returns but Gooden is suspended for the year for drugs.  You don’t even care.  That’s how bad things have been.

1996 is alll about catcher Todd Hunley.  He hits 41 HRs in Queens!  You convince yourself that he is better that the Dodgers’ Mike Piazza.   Life is all about Hundley.

1997 happens.  Nobody will ever as you about 1997 either.  Bobby Valentine is now the manager.  That’s a name you’ll need to know.

To sound smart at the bar:  Man those uniforms sucked.  Hundley was awesome.  Say Bonilla’s name with utter contempt.