You don’t yet realize how much worse the Mets are without Noah Syndergaard

I have been playing Out Of The Park Baseball which is a great baseball simulator (for you older folks think Micro League Baseball).

One thing that is becoming crystal clear to me is that the Mets are far far worse without Noah Syndergaard.

On some level that’s obvious.  He’s a solid MLB pitcher and the team’s #2 starter.  Huge loss.

Playing the game has made me live with the rhythm of the week and I can tell you it’s a long way from JDG Day back to JDG Day.  Part of that is the bullpen.  An inning here, an inning there, and by the time it;’s Wacha Day you run out of arms.   And if JDG doesn’t hand in a gem, it’s a reallllly long week.

Just something to think about as the season progresses.

Also for what it’s worth, my everyday first baseman Dom Smith is batting .350