Holy crap We have become the same as Brooklyn Dodgers Fans. Yes you.

OMG I had a realization today.  This all stems from the earlier story about ESPN making a 1986 Mets documentary and my reaction being ENOUGH WITH THE 86 METS ALREADY and I said on twitter that we were starting to sound like Brooklyn Dodgers fans.

You know Brooklyn Dodgers fans.  Forever hung up on that one shining moment in 1955.   Old codgers dropping names like Jackie and Pee Wee.

Well it just hit me that in 1986, 1955 was 31 years ago.

And here in 2020….OMG 1986 is 34 years ago.

WE’VE BECOME THEM.   We are a bunch of old people talking about that one time we won a zillion years ago. Old codgers dropping names like Mookie and Doc.  60% of the people reading this post weren’t even born in 1986.

AAAAAAUUUUGHHHHHH Look what we’ve become.  And I know I’m old but YOU dear reader are part of this  YOU have become, effectively, a Brooklyn Dodgers Fan.   On and on and on about the 1986 Mets.

I seriously am done with that team.  We’ve heard it all.  Unless this Jimmy Kimmel produced doc has footage of Gooden doing whatever he was doing without us noticing (by the way, great job 1986 beat not noticing that or maybe not reporting it) then it’s just gonna be more of the same.   Yeah yeah our leader abandoned the team at our darkest moment to go drink a beer.  But he’s charming so we will portray this as a cool moment. (Man, if Matt Harvey did that…)   Also, @ceetar pointed out – when’s the last time we learned anything new about a 1986 Met that made them seem better not worse.  Every thread you pull seems to end up in a dark place.

Anyway, you’re old and your team hasn’t won in forever.

Also enough with the 1986 Mets.