It’s All Going To Be Fine! deGrom left the Mets scrimmage with back tightness

Hey, it’s all going to be fine!   I am sure JDG is fine, even if it’s statistically unlikely he wins his 3rd straight CYA.

And if he can’t pitch, the Mets still have The Big Zero Marcus Stroman who has pitched on Opening Day in the past!  Last year he kicked off the season for the Blue Jays who won 67 games!

Then you have the ever consistent Matz.  My favorite Met Rick Porcello, and Wacha Wacha.  You have to like the Mets chances.

Sure you might wish you had Thor, and sure you probably wish you had paid Wheeler who is on your divisional rival now and is going to leave the team when his wife has a baby…….

And sure Conforto will be gone after ’21 and the GM mortgaged the future to bring in Cano and then again to bring in the Big Zero who will be gone after 2020.

It’s all going to be fine..  Steve Cohen, the generous billionaire who will write a billion dollar check to anyone if they just ask, will be signing ALL the free agents.  The Mets will have more players than they can even keep on rosters.  Guys will get five year deals to hang out just in case.

So don’t worry about deGrom, it’s all going to be fine.