Review: SNY Mets-Yankees July 18 Telecast

I watched baseball last night.  First, before the game, Vulgar Pete spoke to the media and….WHAT’S UP WITH HIS CAP?   Some suggest it’s the brim.  Does this guy like High Crown? He really may be the new Matt Harvey when it comes to getting things wrong.

Anyway, the game started and I thought Gary sounded odd.  Almost like something muscular was affecting his voice…seemed to be speaking out of the side of his mouth,  You can kind of see it above, and no I didn’t spend hours trying to find one frame to make him look bad.  I of course hope he’s OK, but I immediately noticed he sounded different.  It got better as the game went on…but look for it tonight.  He did not Trackwall any home run calls, but the home team didn’t have any HRs so let’s see.  I thought he was in fine form.

Keith and Ron were next door.  Ron was Ron.  Keith was Keith, and disappeared at times.  In the 9th it was like Gary was just trying to keep Ron company while Keith…who knows.

Also I keep looking at the word Community and now want the booth to be The Dean, Keith and Ron.

SNY had a new score bug…

I like the bug.  It’s nice and clean.  The cardboard cutouts look ridiculous, and the seats are so expensive the Mets can’t even sell them out with fake fans.


As for Gelbs…I think Gelbs With Nothing To Do may be the best Gelbs.  He’s just sitting in the stands for no reason and has nothing to report.  But they went to him anyway.

This even more makes me want to flip his role with Keith.  Just let Keith wander around while Gelbs does real analyst work.   Maybe The Dean, Ron and Gelbs  I’d watch.

The fake crowd was OK even if whoever is running it is LATE on everything and doesn’t have a feel for the game…and whatever cheer they picked doesn’t sound like how a Mets crowd cheers…but hey whatever.

Vulgar Pete Alonso, who struck out 183 times last season, struck out twice.

The game ran a lot of promos for Mets fans to watch Mets games on SNY.  Presumably the Mets fans watching the Mets game on SNY already know that Mets fans can watch Mets games on SNY so I am not sure what the point of that clutter is – other than filling unsold inventory.

Gary was also forced (perhaps at gunpoint, unconfirmed, but it sounded like it was possible) to read promos encouraging you to stop watching the TV so you could watch Zoom calls of players on the SNY Social Media.   It’s a shame we don’t have some sort of Split Screen Tech that could allow that to air on the TV – but then we’d probably have to pay a union cameraman or something…so if you want to hear what Familia has to say you can go on the internet.

So that’s my review.  Am I supposed to give a grade?  An overall grade? Individual grades?  I dunno.   I’m test driving this new concept for a post.

Gary:  A-

Ron:  B (made no impression)

Keith: B- (made little impression, disappeared)

Gelbs: A

Director:  B

Vulgar Pete:  KK