Review: SNY Mets-Yankees Game 2 July 19 Telecast

The second game had the added quirk of GKR calling the game from Citi Field while the Mets were at Fake New Yankee Stadium.

One of the things that I kept noticing on strikeouts was that Gary’s PBP was ahead of the video.  I guess somehow the video is getting to him before it gets to us something something technical something.  Anyway, he’d be all He Struck Him Out just as it was happening, as if he good see .4 seconds into the future.

Speaking of strikeouts, Vulgar Pete has at least two.

I say at least two because I bailed on this game in the 6th to go look at the comet (I didn’t find it). So maybe he got some more strikeouts in.

Ron and Keith were in their own booth.  They have to share a monitor for some reason and of course the monitor is on Keith’s side.  Why can’t Ron have his own monitor?  He said something about the Robocamera being in the way but hey Apollo 13 built an oxygen scrubber out of like cardboard, surely SNY can solve this.

Ron also busted Keith’s chops and mentioned Keith’s agent after Keith seemed upset that he has to do the Shea Anything Podcast twice a week.  I still can’t believe that they are making Keith do that and I imagine it has something to do with “hey we paid you when there were no games something something.”

We also checked in with Gelbs who was in a study by himself and had nothing to say.  At one point he did a report which went completely ignored by GKR.

Meanwhile, my own site is being slow this morning and annoying me so I’m gonna wrap this up.

Gary: A-.   Fine.  Didn’t have his A game yet.

Ron A-

Keith B.  He’s been invisible.

Gelbs: F

Vulgar Pete:  KK

Director:  F.  Get Ron a monitor.