Vulgar Pete Alonso Youtube series to violate MLB’s own fraternization rules

So this is cool.  Vulgar Pete Alonso will be mic’d up while playing and they will make that into a youtube series.  We could potentially hear things like “Golly, I have struck out again” a few times a game.  But this is interesting…

This is different than just being mic’d up here and there. What Alonso has in store includes regularly appearing in an actual series of episodes. If all goes to plan, the first baseman will be mic’d up during Mets games with a focus on his conversations with other MLB superstars and teammates. (Via Daily News Remnant)

But here’s the issue…and before you get mad, let me remind you that I do not make MLB’s rules.   MLB’s 2019 rules, the most recent published specifically forbid this activity.

Now, the rule is silly, but it IS a rule.  One might assume that Mr. Alonso has some sort of special dispensation from MLB….but clearly the rulebook does not allow for such conversations.

Also, the Daily News Remnant article might as well say Press Release Favor Done To MLB because if you read it, golly MLB sure is the greatest thing there ever was what with their innovation and new ideas yessiree!

I do think it’s good that MLB is trying to grow the sport.  Even future Mets owner A-Rod said the sport is not as popular as the NBA, which was a declaration the Baseball Mafia ignored, but this is why you have me.

And before we go…