Behold the future of baseball! The 7 inning 2:25 game


Look at this beauty.  Two hours 25 minutes.  This is baseball’s future.  They are grudgingly accepting it, but they should dive in the pool in 2021 and make this EVERY game.

For newer readers. let me walk everyone through the truth that baseball has distinct eras, of pretty even 25-ish years, and once just ended.

Cavemen-1919:  Dead ball.  The HR king has 12 home runs.  Whatever.

1920-1946:  Power comes to the segregated baseball game.  The Golden Age (well, unless you believe in equality and stuff, but surely some famous baseball teams in here.)

1947-1968:   Integration.  Teams move around.   A pretty balanced sport.  The Silver Age.

1969-2004:  The Bronze Age.  Two divisions.  Playoffs.  Guys with the MVP hitting 30 HRs. Stolen Bases are a thing.  Pitchers strike out 300 guys and pitch 300 innings.

2005-2019:  Steroids ball.  From 1920-2004 you could kind of group the records.  That’s over as everyone looks the other way in 1998.  Wild Cards come to the game.

2020-2044:   The Modern Age.  Universal DH, 16 team playoffs (neither is leaving) and the first official 7 inning game.  It is already IN THE BOOKS so let’s just make it official and make the game move faster by effectively eliminating the stupid middle reliever innings.

2045-2069.  Generation X dies, and along with it, baseball.  The sport hangs on for a few years in the 70s as some old millennials talk about Derek Jeter, but the sport is effectively dead.