Keith Hernandez likely to learn of Pete Alonso’s slump now that it’s in the newspaper!

Oh man, I feel bad for Vulgar Pete.  The newspaper finally found out about Pete’s slump (on pace for 6 HRs maybe) which means Keith whose admitted show prep was Mike Francesa and the newspaper (NO REALLY – READ THIS TO SEE HOW LITTLE HE PREPS!!!)

Well, in today’s Post

Alonso went 1-for-5 with two strikeouts, and stranded six runners, as his batting average dropped to .200. The reigning N.L. Rookie of the Year now has just one hit in his past 11 at-bats and hasn’t homered in the past five games, leaving the all-time rookie home run record holder (53) stuck on one home run for the season. Last year, Alonso had five home runs in his first 10 games.

“He wants to do so much out there, and you know how much he cares,” Mets manager Luis Rojas said. “He’s been working really hard and he actually really looked good earlier in practice and everything, a little more calm, not a lot of moving parts, [then] not the same in the game. … He got out of the rhythm he had.”

So NOW it will be a talking point on the telecast (unless the Mets bench Vulgar Pete today, which they might) – so welcome to the party Keith.