The Mets beat really wants to LOLMets this Cespedes thing…but it’s unwarranted

You guys know I am the first to make fun of the Mets, but I feel like the media is really trying to LOLMets the Mets on this Cespedes thing.  The media seems to want to paint a picture that the Mets were being jerks putting out the statement this morning.

You may not have noticed, but the media surely did, that the lineup was late this morning and there was a little LOLMets about the Mets struggling to write down nine names.

Had the Mets not started Cespedes, surely someone watching TV would have noticed that he wasn’t in the dugout…..and then this would have led to WHY DIDN’T THE METS TELL US THEY DON’T KNOW WHERE CESPEDES IS?????

So they are damned either way.  I thought they handled it well.  Seems like Cespedes handled it poorly.

Anyway it’s 2020.  Move on.  Now maybe we can #FreeDom and get him some ABs so that we can prove that the Mets should have traded high on Vulgar Pete last off-season.