So it looks like Mr. Met lives at Citi Field

SNY rolled out a new commercial where Mrs. Met is giving poor Mr. Met a bunch of chores.  Seems like they live at Citi Field in this skybox.

I am not sure why Mr. Met has his coach facing away from the TV.  Doesn’t he like to watch road games?  Seems an odd choice.

Also does he dress like this all the time?  Even @mediagoon is sometimes seen in something other than a Mets jersey.

Below we see it looks like a pretty standard skybox.  Or suites I guess you young people call them.  Whatever.

Nice view of the games.  I guess the kids are grown and gone…its probably not bad for the couple, assuming the couch pulls out.  It’s basically a nice studio apartment within easy walking distance of the subway.   And since Mr. and Mrs. Met work at Citi Field they have a great commute.