Matt Harvey, The Dark Knight, returns for huge intrasquad game today!

Via, The Dark Knight  will throw in an intrasquad game on Thursday at the team’s alternate training site at T-Bones Stadium.

And after that, Royals general manager Dayton Moore said the organization will re-examine the need to possibly use him on the 28-man roster sometime during the next homestand, which starts Tuesday against the Reds.

“He’s throwing well,” Moore said. “And he’s a guy who can serve a variety of roles for us. He can be a starter, he can be a long man, he might even be able to help us in the back of the bullpen. We’ll see.

The Royals seem to not be aware that Matt gives up a lot of 385 foot fly balls and that a lot of those leave the park.  They also seem to be unaware that Matt has lost the ability to pitch out of the stretch and gives up runs as soon as some one reaches base.  I have probably watched more Matt Harvey stats than anyone, and like I tell everyone – he’s fine until he’s not.

That said, I look forward to recapping his adventures with the Royals.  Best of luck today Matt!