Local Newspaper noticed Mets’ Pete Alonso is having bad season

Nice to see the newspaper catching up with reality.

“I talked to Chili [Friday] night and they had a conversation about adjustments he needs to make to stay consistent,’’ Rojas said. “Sometimes you can see in the middle of an at-bat he can get a little anxious and start chasing. And his at-bat will go from a quality at-bat to a non-quality at-bat right there.”

“You can see the frustration and I know he broke his bat and some of the things we’ve seen this season,’’ Rojas said. “But he is mentally tough. … He goes very positive to his next at-bat. We’re taking some positives and some negatives out from all this.” (Via NY Post)

The Mets could have traded Pete in the off-season at the peak value of his career, and played Dom Smith at 1B, but that would have been a very bold suggestion only considered by the boldest amongst us.

Pete has 6 home runs.