The Gary and Ron Mets booth doesn’t work

I have discussed this before, but last night really illustrated it to me.  The combination of Gary Cohen with Ron Darling does not make for a fun telecast.

I had the game on.  There was enough action in the game.  The game was even tied…..and…..I just didn’t care.

Then it hit me – this was the Gary/Ron combination which is the least interesting of the booths.

GKR we all know works.  Keith and Ron entertain each other like old war buddies and they seem to like the Gary guy.

Gary and Keith works because Keith has to step it up, and we usually get frustrated sighing Keith calling some 19 innings Marlins snoozefest – but Keith’s charm and annoyance makes it entertaining, and Gary knows how to poke the bear.

Gary and Ron….I dunno.  It’s like George hanging out with Eliane.  They seem to have nothing to talk about.  Ron makes perfunctory points and then goes back to his crossword puzzle, meanwhile Gary sits nearby and  does some play by play.

Like everything I write you’re probably thinking that I am old and stupid and complain and you have bought into the narrative that everything SNY is awesome and can never be bad.  To you I say, watch today’s game.  You will see it.

Heck, they should probably just do Gary, Ron and GELBS.   At least it would bring a dynamic to the booth we aren’t getting now.

Watch.  You will see.

Stupid 4pm start today.