I hereby declare a Luis Watch Watch

The Mets are 21 and 27 and in 4th place.  In a normal season that record at the end of May would be cause for concern.

Second choice manager Luis Rojas, who I do think is going to be good, finds himself 2.5 games out of an 8 team playoff, with little time on the clock and three teams to jump.

With Steve Cohen coming to town with his Billions the Mets fans are going to demand a winner.  No more of this “we tried” stuff from the Wilpons days…so I think it is fair of me to declare a


The guy on the right will be gone.  The guy on the left I have to imagine will be gone (what possible success could Steve see in these two seasons).  That leaves the guy in the middle.

Asked on Tuesday what the most effective part of Rojas’ style has been, Jeff McNeil singled out the way he’s interacted with the players.

“He just shows up every single day for us and he picks us up,” McNeil told reporters via Zoom before Tuesday night’s game against the Phillies in Philadelphia. “We’ve had some tough losses and he’s always in the locker room picking us up, being positive. Saying ‘you know, we’ll get ’em tomorrow, way to battle, way to fight.’ He’s done a tremendous job with the guys in the clubhouse and I know we all like playing for him. … He’s always the same guy all the time. Super even keeled. Doesn’t get too high or to low (which is) nice to have in a manager.”  (Via Yahoo)

And there it is.  The media is asking about the manager.   Just a question on a Tuesday.  Nothing to be concerned about.  It’s like when there is a hurricane in Florida and we see a rip current at Jones Beach.  Just a little warning from the ocean.

The Post reported in January that Van Wagenen wanted Cohen’s input on selecting a managerial replacement for Carlos Beltran, who stepped aside after his role in the Astros’ illegal sign-stealing scheme was revealed. But Cohen did not want to become involved at the time, preferring to see how Van Wagenen handled the situation. (via NY Post)


For newer readers, a Watch Watch watches to see what others are saying about a possible Watch.  Should Luis seem to be in actual trouble, the Luis Watch Watch will be upgraded to a Luis Watch.  But Steve is coming guys and there will be no more excuses in Queens.