Mets use throwback cap in Donuts ad WHAT DOES IT MEAN????

Scully, look at this!

Yes Mulder, we all know you like the Donuts Chain. I thought you were mad at them because you helped promote them a few years ago and the person you were interacting with teased you with a possible ad-buy on your website and then as soon as they were done promoting what they wanted you never heard from the Donuts Chain Rep again and she stopped returning your calls.

Let’s not get distracted Scully. Look at the cap.

Its a Mets cap Mulder.

Yes but look at the squatcho. It’s BLUE.


Why would the Mets use a blue squatcho when they have had orange squatchos for years Scully? It’s a throwback cap.

Mulder, I’m sure the people at the Donuts Chain Advertising Agency don’t read Uni Watch and just grabbed the first Mets cap they saw.

I don’t know Scully…I’m calling Lukas to get to the bottom of this…

You’re crazy Mulder.

Perhaps Scully, perhaps.


By the way, I love that as I type this the tweet (the Mets one) has one response and it is…

LOL.  Sounds like me killing Pete Alonso…or Lyin’ Todd Frazier himself.  Seems like the Magic Beans that were in Todd’s bat have disappeared….right after some blogger pointed out the Magic Beans and involved the name of Whitey Herzog….hey it’s ANOTHER CONSPIRACY