It’s over.

There are 6 games left this season.

The Mets are 24 and 30.  That’s a 71 win pace in a normal season.

They are 3.5 games out of an 8 team playoff.  They need to pass 4 teams to get in.

This is just an unacceptable disaster.

I want everyone gone.  Everyone.  All the front office, all the coaches, including the manager (sorry).

I want pros in here.  I want people who have done this before.  I don’t want a third-in-a-row this time is different rookie manager.  Buy 75 year old Jim Leyland a pack of cigarettes and hand him the keys.  See what Mike Scioscia is doing.  I don’t want to see Luis Rojas looking like he’s auditioning to play an emotionless Vulcan.  Be gone, all of you.

The question I have for all of you is – do we have to watch these upcoming completely meaningless games.  In a normal season I stick around and watch the kids play – but there won’t be September call-ups to watch, and even the Actual Mets are like WHO?  I mean they started Guillermo Heredia last night.

Should I tune in to watch Franklin Kilome and Todd Frazier?  What’s the point?  I feel bad wasting baseball games, but these may be some horrifically meaningless games.  (Some have suggested that I watch to see if Pete can get his average under .200)

Which brings us back to the disaster.   Everyone must go.  Everyone.  All of you.  Be gone.


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