Loser Mets will let wittle baby field so he can hit the ball for a change waaaaah

Waaaah baby waybee Pete can only hit if he plays the field waaaaaah so we will run sub-par defense out there waaaaaah

Wittle baby has a NET NEGATIVE WAR of minus point five.

Pete Alonso | INF | .209, 13 HR, 30 RBI, 0 SB with 56Ks in 219 PAs. Oh my.

His Slugging Percentage is .435.   Jesus Alou!   Brandon Nimmo is even slugging .500.

The loser Mets need to win out to record a .500 season…

This probably means something to @ceetar but the loser Mets have a 122 wRC+ or something, .808 OPS ranks third in the majors, while their .456 slugging average ranks sixth..

Michael Wacha is tonight’s starter. He has not started since September 8 vs. Baltimore…In that game, he threw 4.0 innings and allowed five runs, four earned, on seven hits with three strikeouts and a season-high two home runs allowed.

Whatever.  Let’s Go Mets, shorthand for that is LGM.  Three letters.  Three as in three strikes and you’re out without putting the ball in play.  Three.