Gary Cohen called Citi Field one on MLB’s gems and is clearly wrong

Look, unless you and your legal team want to parse language – sure, Citi Field is one of MLB’s 30 gems, you’re right there Gary – Gary was mistaken when he said Citi is one of MLB’s gems.

Is it better than Fake New Yankee Stadium?  Of course.  Tampa?  Seems to be (I have never been there).

Better than Philly, which is a better version of what Citi wants to be?  Nope.


Wrigley or Fenway?  Get lost.

Anaheim, which most of you have never been to, is better.   Dodgers.  San Diego. San Francisco.  Have you been to Kansas City?  It’s better – they did a great job with their outfield and museum.

I suspect that Gary, like much of the Mets media over the years, has spent very very little time outside the comfort zone of the press level.  Young Gary had great command of Shea, but has today’s Gary spent any time walking around and trying to go to the bathroom?  Has Gary sat behind the plexiglass or in LF not able to see the outfielder (call a game from THERE guys).

The bridge at like 5:30

It’s a perfectly functional largely charmless stadium.  I get that some of you like to chit-chat on the bridge in your t-shirts, but the rest of the place is just…..vanilla.   It’s a 21st century baseball stadium.

Gem?  No.